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Gone are the days of surprise period arrivals, an uncomfortable running around asking favours to borrow a pad or a tampon from a friend or colleague. The O! Koek! menstrual cup ensures that you are always prepared for the arrival of the red Ferrari.

The average person uses 1,200 tampons over a 5 year period, valued at over R2,000. A menstrual cup like O! Koek! costs R290, can be worn for 8 hours straight and lasts for up to 5 years. It’s better for your pocket and better for the environment!

100% medical-grade silicone

Comfortable and discreet

Wear up to 8 hours, lasts up to 5 years

Better for your pocket and the environment

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I am very happy with my O! Koek! menstrual cup. The best part of the change is the improvement in health that I am seeing. Would recommend it to everyone!

Natasha Coetzee

Thank you for your trouble! Great product, Great service!!

Leandra Visser

I am so happy I made this choice! Life is so much easier and more practical. To everyone out there frustrated with tampons etc., this will be the best choice you'll make and there are so many reasons for it! The packaging made my day! It's discreet and has a good sense of humour. Get your cup today and stop struggling!

Melissa Swan

Great product and fantastic marketing!

Marisa Kruger

I am very happy with my O! Koek! menstrual cup - 110%. Sooo comfortable! I never have to buy tampons again for those unplanned occasions. The service that I received was also top quality, I ordered and received my cup within 2 days. The cup is very comfortable - you're not even aware of it - I wish I had heard of O! Koek! sooner. So many benefits to this cup, it is convenient for your pocket and you do your part for the environment. Thank you for great service and this "wonder-cup"!

Andrea Barnard

Thank you for the swift service and great quality product!

Judith van der Walt

I’m not a newbie when it comes to menstrual cups – the O! Koek! cup is my third. What stood out for me was the steriliser and the use of it did not disappoint. It was so easy. Sterilisation and storage was always the difficult part of menstrual cups for me. The cup itself is soft but firm and I am 100% happy with my cup! Thank you for the amazing, speedy service.

Melissa Dean

I love my cup. I don’t feel it and it’s super comfortable, and very easy to clean. Thank you for my cup. I will definitely recommend it to others.

Marize Smit