I am a virgin. Can I use a menstrual cup?

You can start using a menstrual cup the moment you start your period, whether you’re sexually active or not. Please note though that placing anything inside your vagina has the potential to stretch and/or tear your hymen. If you have any cultural, religious or personal reasons that require you to keep your hymen intact, it is advisable to avoid using a menstrual cup.

One thing I’d like to call out: if you decide to use a menstrual cup, please ensure that you are comfortable with your body and the concept of menstruation. Bodily changes and puberty is an emotional time. Don’t force yourself. If you can’t get the menstrual cup in comfortably on your first try, leave it for a while, breathe and relax, and try again later. Like riding a bike – practice makes perfect.

Ready to take the plunge? Throw a cup in your basket: