Can I get Toxic Shock Syndrome as a result of using a menstrual cup?

TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome is a rare but very dangerous bacterial infection. Symptoms include a high fever, low blood pressure, nausea and vomiting. According to the Mayo Clinic website, TSS can be caused by wounds to the skin, recent surgery as well as the use of tampons and menstrual cups. Many people have come to know of TSS in the context of menstruation, specifically high-absorption tampons. These products were removed from the market quite a while ago and new studies have shown that although both tampons and menstrual cups can cause TSS, both products are safe.

You can reduce your risk of contracting TSS by applying good hygiene practices:
• Always wash your hands thoroughly before inserting or removing your cup (sing Happy birthday to you twice to yourself)
• Be sure to empty your cup every 8-12 hours
• Rinse your cup thoroughly with water during your cycle
• Please ensure that you sterilise your cup after every cycle (and the first time you receive your new cup). Place your cup into the O! Koek! steriliser, fill it up halfway with water and microwave it for 3 minutes or long enough for the water to boil. Don't put the lid on the steriliser. Alternatively, you can boil water in your kettle and add it to your steriliser. Please take care not to burn. Leave to cool down, dry off and store your cup in your steriliser until your next cycle.

Avoid tampons and menstrual cups if you have contracted TSS before.

Please note: I am not a medical doctor. This blog merely shares information that I have researched online. Please consult your doctor or gynecologist regarding TSS.